La Mesa RV Now Offering the New Regency RV Xalta Motorhome at its Albuquerque Location

Regency RV announced that it has added La Mesa RV’s Albuquerque, New Mexico location to its roster of dealers selling its new, luxury Xalta Class B Motorhomes. The coaches are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis in Fort Worth, Texas. Dymon Farrer, national sales manager for the company said that Regency is looking for a very select group of dealers to take on its new Xalta brand, and La Mesa is a perfect fit in the Southwest.

“Regency is a good company, good people, with a good product,” said Jason Kimbrell, principal of La Mesa RV. “While they are new to the RV industry, they have a long history of success in van and truck conversions. I went to visit the plant before we signed up and met the owner, Wayne Davis, who is a legend in the classic car restoration business. We were also impressed that they have a lot of long-term employees, which we also value at our own company.”

Kimbrell liked the craftsmanship he experienced at Regency’s Fort Worth facility. “There are a lot of people on the line doing custom work that they learned from restoring classic cars,” he said. “We like Regency’s high-quality woodworking, upholstery, and some of the innovative details—like how they are refinishing the Mercedes dash and steering wheel.”

Kimbrell reported he is looking for a specific buyer as a fit for the new Regency Xalta product. “Regency is a premium brand so we believe it’s going to appeal to the luxury buyer,” he said. “That is how they are positioned. There are three distinct niches in the Sprinter Class B market. You’ve got your entry-level price point buyer, your technology buyer and your luxury, prestige buyer, which is the Airstream, and we believe the Regency buyer. Regency is well-positioned to compete in that space where the customer is willing to pay a high premium for a high quality coach.”

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